Head Boy / Head Girl

    Emily Allan & Jack Selsby


    I am Jack Selsby and I am proud to be the head boy of Knole Academy.  I am in Year 13 and studying A' level Geography and BTEC extended diploma in Sport and Exercise Science.  I have studies here for nearly 7 years now and apart from the odd bad day, I have loved my time at school.  I was part of the first ever mixed year group at Knole.  It was strange at the time, but now it is commonplace.  Over 6 years I have seen many developments.  Most importantly, the staff have nurtured my abilities and worked with me, and my parents, to help me realise my potential - I passed 12 GCSEs, one at A*, one at A and the others at B grades.  In sixth form, I have worked tirelessly to move my B grades up to A grades.  My current data predictions are encouraging.  I am in the process of applying to university to study Sport & Exercise Science.  Manchester and Exeter are my preferred choices - I need the A grades!

    Now, thinking back to year 7, when I first arrived at the school I was of course intimidated by the idea of a big and new environment, which was on a scale I had never experienced before.  However, I quickly found my feet and realised that there was nothing to be afraid of.  Fitting in was easy.  I made new friends and followed the advice my parents gave me - "first impressions are everything"!  It must have worked because now I am head boy and my parents are massively proud.

    The school helped to develop my academic strengths.  Back then, when I first came to school, I never dreamed that university would beckon.  My favourite subject was obviously PE, but it was only one of many departments that helped me to progress.  My data was scrutinised from the get-go.  Interventions were formulated, where necessary, and I rode the wave.  There were so many new things to explore - science experiments, history trips, the Globe Theatre, Pythagoras's theorem, globalisation!  My favourite though ... skiing with Mr Turner!  I was so close to winning 'Mr Snow', but my friend Alex just pipped me.  I went four times, so thanks mum and dad for that.  I have also been a part of the school football team, rugby team, cross-country team and the ski team.  I have participated on sports day in events like running, football and shot-put and I have been a referee for school football fixtures.  I completed a qualification in football coaching and all of this became possible because of the opportunities that the school provides.  There are a vast amount of clubs available across a large variety of subjects, so there will always be something for everyone to try and enjoy.  I did Maths catch-up sessions, A* clubs, I have been a prefect and a mentor to younger students.  My personal statement for university applications is stacked with achievements that wouldn't have been possible without Knole.  I have helped them, they have helped me - it is the way things are.  You give your best and the staff give theirs.  It is about learning in a happy, but disciplined environment.  Your children will love it.



    My name is Emily Allan and I am thrilled to be head girl at Knole Academy. My journey is very different to Jack's.  I moved to the area after attaining 11 GCSEs, 4 at grade A and 7 at grade B.  I looked at the schools with Sixth Form in the West Kent area and chose Knole.  It has proved to be a wonderful decision.  I have worked like never before and was rewarded last term with a nomination for head girl.  The first part of the selection process was an interview with Mrs Boyle (Principal), Mrs Lenehan (Chair of Governors) and Mr Turner (Assistant Principal - Sixth Form).  It was terrifying, but I had prepared thoroughly so it went surprisingly well.  The second part of my interview was a formal presentation.  My theme was managing and financing a successful business enterprise.  I already have my own farming business where I buy, rear, trade and sell livestock.  My presentation went really well, but I was still surprised when I won and became the first ever external student to be selected as head girl.  I don't consider myself as external any more.  I am part of the fabric that is Knole Academy.  I am currently studying A' levels in Geography, Business, Psychology and Finance.  The knowledge I am gaining is helping my business to grow.  I have visited many universities over the last few weeks and Harper Adams University in Shropshire is now firmly my first choice.  My data, like Jack's, is currently very good so, with continued application, I hope to get the necessary grades.  63% of all A' level entries last year resulted in A*, A or B grades.  They are fantastic results and I am desperate to emulate my contemporaries.

    I have the very recent experience of joining Knole Academy as a fresh student.  I was welcomed by the students and staff here with open arms.  It helped me to settle in quickly.  Sixth form work is hard, but ultimately enjoyable.  The pastoral care is super, but the focus is very much on attainment and progress.  The facilities at Knole are fantastic.  The main sixth form area in The Place is fresh and modern, the music rooms, dance studio, DT workshops, food technology areas and The Oaks Theatre, that you are sitting in now, are first class.  All facilities are second to none and really inspire you to learn.  The school is packed with modern technology, which enables a greater depth of learning.  I cannot speak highly enough of my teachers.

    The curriculum at Knole is well planned and differentiated.  I had a wide range of subjects to choose from, which is important for those who are not 100% certain of their eventual career pathway.  I am halfway through my sixth form studies now and the time has flown by.  I will continue to give 100% and I know that the staff will match my efforts.  I feel that in just one and a bit years I have been prepared for the next, scary step at university.  Knole has helped me on my way ... it will help your children on their way also.


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