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Level 2 certificate in Workskills (Year 2)

Subject Leader: Miss Webb
Examination Board: Edexcel
Period Allocation: Single Option 2 Years
Entry Requirement:

Suitable applicants will be interviewed to assess their interest / passion for the course.  Learners must be predicted levels of ability conducive to achievement of a level 2 qualification. 

This qualification is designed for learners wishing to gain knowledge and work ready skills. Those in bold reflect planned delivery.


  • To provide a background understanding of employment rights and responsibilities
  • To provide knowledge of the range of jobs, work settings and training available post 16
  • To help the students reach a level of knowledge and skill that will facilitate progress into employment


To achieve a certificate, candidates must complete a minimum of 13 credits from the units list below.

Units Credit Value
Unit 1 Alternatives to Paid Work 1
Unit 2 Working as a Volunteer 2
Unit 3 Managing Your Own Money 2
Unit 4 Searching for a Job 1
Unit 5 Applying for a Job 1
Unit 6 Preparing for an Interview 1
Unit 7 Interview Skills 1
Unit 8 Self-management Skills 2
Unit 9 Self-assessment 2
Unit 10 Career Progression 2
Unit 11 Developing Personal Skills for Leadership 2
Unit 12 Practising Leadership Skills with Others 2
Unit 13 Learning with Colleagues and Other Learners 2
Unit 14 Communicating Solutions to Others 2
Unit 15 Effectiveness at Work 1
Unit 16 Working in a Team 3
Unit 17 Learning from More Experienced People 2
Unit 18 Building Working Relationships with Colleagues 2
Unit 19 Building Working Relationships with Customers 2
Unit 20 Investigating Rights and Responsibilities at Work 1
Unit 21 Managing Your Health at Work 1
Unit 22 Setting and Meeting Targets at Work 2
Unit 23 Solving Work-related problems 2
Unit 24 Summarising Documents 1
Unit 25 Contributing to Meetings 1
Unit 26 Preparing for Work Placement 1
Unit 27 Learning from Work Placement 2
Unit 28 Planning an Enterprise Activity 1
Unit 29 Running an Enterprise Activity 1
Unit 30 Producing a Product 1


Classroom activities will include individual and group work, completing questions and answers, research / investigation work will be carried out and then discussed.  Note taking will be required and ICT interactive activities will also be used to facilitate learning.  The emphasis is on ‘learning by doing’.  For this reason, learners are required to complete a number of assignments to show their attainment of skills and underpinning knowledge. 


Assessment for this course is divided into a series of tasks / assignments.  To achieve each unit learners need to achieve all tasks for each unit. 


Learners will be expected to complete research in their own time. 


Learners will require support through their learning programme.  Learners will be expected to word-process their research and report assignments, so access to a PC at home is advantageous although not essential.  The School provides ICT facilities that learners can access outside of their timetable, during study periods.


Upon successful completion of this qualification you can progress on to an industry sector competency qualification.


The qualification has been mapped to provide underpinning evidence towards relevant work related courses.  Successful completion of this qualification does not imply occupational competence in a particular sector. 



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